“Content is well-thought out and flows very well.  Craig has an amazing volume of knowledge.  He has challenged me to think more about how to respond to the media or comments that co-workers/colleagues’ make and I feel like it has opened doors to have new conversations with people about what I believe and why I believe in Christian Civics”

“Excellent training.  Helpful Information.  Hopefully a way to share information to High School and College students will result in a more educated group of Citizens”

“I am so encouraged by how you differentiate between Civics and Politics.  What a difference this has made in my thought process and my ability to engage with others”


“ You are doing a great service to not only the Christian community but to our nation as a whole by reminding us all of our Christian heritage.”

“This training was exceptional… Very insightful and impactful.   It connected the dots of faith and the  gospel and our civic responsibility”.

“Thank you for coming to our church… You have given us tremendous information, resources and ideas to learn and apply.”


“THANK YOU !!! Your sessions were really meaningful to me.  It gave me a lot of food for thought.  KEEP TEACHING!!!”

“I am 80 years old.  I am well educated.  I am a successful businessman.  I am a student of history.    And I mean to tell you, I have never heard anything like this before.  This training is amazing!!!   It is simple, clear, cohesive, thoughtful, and easy to understand.   Every school in America and every citizen in the country should hear these truths”

“I’ve enjoyed these trainings very much.  A lot of material to take in, but your presentation and breadth of knowledge helps it all flow together and keeps our attention.  Thank you and keep it up!!!”

“An eye opener was the 9 stages of Opposition and Response – We have a long way to go !!!  We must continue our journey with purpose and commitment. Thank you!!! Enjoyed this study”

“So blessed to be reminded of our USA history based on Biblical standard.  Praying, God will intervene in School Boards to allow teaching of our real history”

“This series has been very enlightening for me.  Unfortunately, the people who need to see/hear this series are not being reached.  Lets pray for them.”

“Very informing and a reminder of what God has done in and for our country.  Thank you.”

“This training has made me more aware of how important it is for our churches to be active in encouraging members to vote”

“I have a desire to learn more about our Historical documents and how the Bible is written into these documents.”

“Highly recommend other pastors have this training at their church for all members”

“Absolutely Love This.”

“This is training that is very important to today’s Christians.  They need to know and understand what their responsibilities and freedoms are”

“This has been a great refresher, especially since this is a mid-term election.”

“The Cycle of Freedom is the most important idea that I learned from this training”

“This is a great training for church families.  I can see how this would be very helpful to home school groups.  I wish our youth department had been in this training”

“I studied history but I did found that much of your presentation I was never taught.  Well done”

“I am using your reading list and I will be using it to expand my knowledge of our American Experiment.”

“Your presentations, handouts, speaking style and supporting videos that we can go back and watch over and over again are soooo helpful”

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your “Christian Civics Training” seminar.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to attend many seminars and I have written, and taught, several seminars.  Your seminar is quite obviously well researched and EXTREMELY well presented”

“You are doing the Church a great deal of good and you would do the Country a great deal of good should you turn this seminar into a book.  I also think a CD done with you teaching the seminar would be a great thing”

“Thank you for all your efforts to make this training as interesting and successful as you have”