01-Liberty-Torch-Christian-Civics-Training-Biblical-CivicsOur Purpose

To see society transformed as biblical principles of self government and civil government are re-discovered and applied.

Our Mission

To train tens of thousands of Christians in the biblical principles of freedom, liberty, and Christian Citizenship and Statesmanship.

Distinguishing Features

The Institute for Christian Citizenship & Statesmanship takes a wide, wide look at history. It begins with themes of freedom introduced in Genesis and Exodus.   It reviews how God has worked through thousands and hundreds of years of world history and takes a look at the biblical ideas that make societies flourish.

Then we dig deep into the Christian heritage of the United States, the specifics on how the Declaration and Constitution are structured, the false ideas that are propagated in society, and the churches role in teaching civics well. Utltimately teaching the next generation on the responsibilities of Christian Citizenship and the calling to serve in civil government as Christian Statesmen and Stateswomen.


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