The United States is at a crossroads. A vast majority of people know something has gone wrong. Our culture and civic institutions are in a state of great decay. Religious liberty is under heavy assault. Whether future generations will be able to live out and share their faith, "hangs in the balance".

Our country is unique among nations, being founded not on a common ethnicity, but on a set of ideas – biblical ideas. Knowing these ideas is not a genetic inheritance. They must be passed on to each new generation and each new group of immigrants.

These principles, however, are no longer taught in America’s public schools, colleges or universities. They are not promoted by television, movies, or print media. They are not understood by political leaders at national, state and local levels. Civic Ignorance is "off the charts" and, as Thomas Jefferson observes, we will soon "not be free".

The Founders clearly stated that their ideas of freedom and liberty and our Constitutional System of government were anchored in scriptural principles. They saw God’s Providential guidance everywhere in the founding of our nation and wanted future generations to know and understand His mighty deeds.

They also acknowledged that the pulpits of the American Revolution were what prepared the citizens of the colonies to know their God-given liberties and to declare them to the world.

They knew that the church would play a key role in "stewarding" these biblical principles forward to future generations.

But, the church has been asleep to these truths for over 100 years. So we now find ourselves at a "such a time as this" moment. All other institutions are failing. Religious liberty for our country and the world is in the balance.

Christians, pastors, and churches must "step into the gap" and rise up and proclaim these truths again for the sake of this and future generations.

This is the calling of the Institute for Christian Citizenship and Statesmanship.



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