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Curriculum Summary

Lesson 1 – The Nature of Freedom and Liberty

  • The Cycle of Freedom
  • Bible Study on Freedom and Liberty
  • Definition of words and concepts


Lesson 2 – The Structures of Freedom and Liberty

  • The Reformation
  • The Four Structures of a Healthy Society
  • The Early Part of the Pilgrim Story


Lesson 3 – The Pilgrim Story

  • The Mayflower Compact
  • God’s Providences
  • The 5 Pilgrim Keys


Lesson 4 – The Pulpit of the American Revolution

  • Stories of Pastors – their courage, boldness, and manliness
  • Sermon Samples from the Period


Lesson 5– The Declaration of Independence

  • 9 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know
  • The Biblical Principles of the Declaration
  • 25 Declarations the Declaration makes


Lesson 6– God’s Providences During the Revolutionary War

  • Defining and Discerning God's Providence
  • 9 Providences of the Revolutionary War
  • Sermon Excerpts on the Providences of God


Lesson 7– The U.S. Constitution

  • The Biblical Principles of the Constitution
  • 5 Key Concepts of US Constitution


Lesson 8– The U.S. Constitutional System

  • Vertical Separation
  • Checks and Balances


Lesson 9 – The Bill of Rights

  • What the First Amendment Really Says
  • The truth about Separation of Church and State


Lesson 10– The Duty of Keeping Government in Check

  • Biblical Principles of Government - Romans 13
  • The Nature of Man
  • The Nature of Government


Lesson 11– Christian Citizenship– what it looks like

  • Steward of Your Vote
  • Character in Office
  • Salt, Light, Truth, Wisdom on the Issues


Lesson 12– Christian Statesmanship