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Most people tend to view the world around them in terms of their life span.

This is a short-sighted view and keeps people from seeing the bigger picture.

In the first week installment we go back to Genesis and look at the mandate that is given in the very beginning for human beings to bring forth the glory of God in the earth.  This is not just in the physical environment, but in the cultural realm including: arts, science, history, civil government and more.

Then we take a look at broad sweeps of history and discover a pattern that is seen to occur over and over again in the lives of nations and people groups

Author and Cultural Thought Leader, Os Guinness makes this remark about the observable patterns of history.

“This cycle of change is so clear and observable that if anyone takes the trouble to understand it and its causes, they would be able to apply the insight to the history of any nation and assess accurately where the nation is in its cycle of growth or decline at any moment.”

[*] - Special Note: These are selected videos out of a longer series, therefore there are gaps in numbering sequence

  • Recovering National Treasure – Ancient Truths no longer taught– 4m
  • The Cultural Mandate – 5 Key Points to Understand-6m
  • Cycle of Freedom 00 – Quick Overview – 2m
  • Cycle of Freedom 01 – Introduction to the Framework – 6m
  • Cycle of Freedom 02 – Validated by 3000 Years of History – 10m
  • Cycle of Freedom 03 – An Assessment of the US today- 5m
  • Cycle of Freedom 07 - The Dynamic Ingredients – Virtue, Faith, Freedom – 7m
  • Cycle of Freedom 08 - Freedom and Liberty Takes Significant Effort to Sustain – 7m
  • Cycle of Freedom 09 - A Free Flow of Information is Vital to Freedom – 6m
  • Cycle of Freedom 14 - Twenty Markers of a Society in Complete Decay – 2m
  • Cycle of Freedom 16 - Renewal – Can Freedom Be Recovered and Restored? – 8m



  • Do American History Teachers Value Feelings Over Knowledge - pdf article
  • America to be the Exception - pdf article
  • Biblical Worldview Framework - pdf
  • Cycle of Freedom - pdf




02-Four-Keys-To-Healthy-Society-Christian-Civics-Training-Biblical-CivicsThis lesson lays out the building blocks for understanding how a healthy society functions.

The Four Keys are how God dispenses a certain set of responsibilities to four entities of a healthy society – the individual, the family, the church, and civil government.

When these four entities are fulfilling the responsibilities designated to their sphere, society prospers. When these four entities fail in their areas of responsibility, or even worse when one of the entities usurps (unlawfully takes away) the responsibilities of areas it is not designed to be in charge of, society decays.

These ancient truths are contained in the scriptures and had lied dormant for centuries until they were rediscovered during the 15th and 16th Centuries by the Reformers.   They were put into partial practice by the Pilgrims in England and Holland and then eventually transported here to America in 1620. From their, they grew and developed over 150 years until they were culminated in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.

  • Society Structure – One That Works-12m
  • Society Structure – Churches Role-2m
  • Society Structure – Biblical Basis-6m
  • Society Structure – Reformation to Constitution-13m
  • Society Structure – One That is Broken-6m
  • The Pilgrim Story – Where Their Ideas Came From – 7m
  • The Pilgrim Story – Their Life, Witness, and Impact in Holland -7m
  • The Pilgrim Story – Their Providential Journey to America -7m
  • Five Views of History - How They Impact Your Life - 5m



  • Societal Structures - One That Works - PDF
  • Societal Structures - One That is Broken - PDF
  • Societal Structures - A Biblical Basis - PDF
  • 1750-01-30 - Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non Resistance to the Higher Powers - Jonathan Mayhew - Romans 13


Embarkation - Pilgrims - Institute for Christian Citizenship and StatesmanshipLESSON 3 - THE PILGRIMS STORY, LIFE LESSONS, GODS PROVIDENCES, AND THE FOUNDATIONS OF A FREE AND HEALTHY SOCIETY

The Pilgrim Story is an absolutely amazing story of faith, courage, perseverance and the Providential hand of God.   It is no wonder that their story has been a central part of American History and is key to understanding the American Experiment.

The Founding Fathers called the early Pilgrims and Puritans the Forefathers – those who preceded them and brought with them the Keys to a Healthy Society and began to put them into practice on the American Continent.

Their faith and God’s Providences are everywhere evident in their story and in their principles.

Today in public schools, universities, and in the mainstream media their story is either completely ignored, censored of every element of faith, or re-written and even besmirched to fit the worldview of modern politically correct historians.

The details of their story are so important to understand the foundations that were being laid 175 years before the US Constitutional System was finally consummated.

  • The Pilgrim Story 01 – An Introduction – 3m
  • The Pilgrim Story 02 -  A Fast Paced Overview of Their Story – 9m
  • The Pilgrim Story 03 – Where Their Ideas Came From – 7m
  • The Pilgrim Story 04 – Their Life, Witness, and Impact in Holland -7m
  • The Pilgrim Story 05 – Their Providential Journey to America -7m
  • The Pilgrim Story 06 – The Mayflower Compact – American Self Government -4m
  • The Pilgrim Story 07 – Squanto – A Special Providence of God – 4m
  • The Pilgrim Story 08 – Thanksgiving – Pilgrims and Indians – 5m
  • The Pilgrim Story 09 – An Experiment with Economic Systems -5m
  • The Pilgrim Story 10 – Special Advice for Getting Along With Others -3m
  • The Pilgrim Story 11 – Pilgrim and Indian Interactions -10m
  • The Pilgrim Story 12 – National Monument to our Forefathers – Five Liberty Keys -9m


  • The Mayflower Compact – 1620-11-11
  • 1620 - A Letter to the Pilgrims on What Makes a Healthy Society - From their Pastor - John Robinson
  • 1630 - A City on the Hill - A Model of Christian Charity Sermon - John Winthrop - Puritan Leader

L4.Patriot Pastors


16-Founding-Era-Pastors-Christian-Civics-Training-Biblical-Civics-Biblical-CivicsUNDER CONSTRUCTION !!!!! - CURRENTLY NO VIDEOS AVAILABLE

  • Pilgrim Pastor John Robinson's Advice on a Healthy Society - 0m
  • A Model of Christian Charity - A City on the Hill - 1630 - John Winthrop - 0m
  • The Role of the Pastor in the American Revolution - John Adams - 0m
  • The Morning Gun of the American Revolution - 1749 - Johnathan Mayhew - 0m
  • The Duty of Standing Fast for Civil Liberty - 1775 - Jacob Duche - 0m
  • A Government Corrupted By Vice - 1775 - Samuel Langdon - 0m
  • The Duty to Protect Civil Liberties - 1776 - Jonas Clark - 0m
  • The Dominion of Providence over the Passions of Man - 1776 - John Witherspoon - 0m
  • The Pastor is Called to Where the Battle of Ideas Rages - Martin Luther - 0m
  • Stories of Pastors – their courage, boldness, and manliness
  • The Black Robe Regiment - Dan Fisher Resources - 0m


Sermons from the Pilgrim Period

These letters and sermons outline the concepts of what makes a healthy society.

  • 1620 - A Letter to the Pilgrims on What Makes a Healthy Society - From their Pastor - John Robinson
  • 1630 - A City on the Hill - A Model of Christian Charity Sermon - John Winthrop - Puritan Leader

Sermons of the Revolution

Unknown to 99% of the population of the United States, the real spark and unifying force of the American Revolution came from church pulpit for 25 years before the Declaration of Independence.

Week after week, month after month, and year after year, the ideas, concepts, and biblical principles of spiritual and civil liberty found there way into the sermons and then into the ears and minds of the citizens of the colonies.   Here are but a few examples of these now unknown men of faith that God used to establish American Independence.

Sermons from 1750 - 26 Years Before the Declaration of Independence

16-Founding-Era-Sermon-Christian-Civics-Training-Biblical-Civics-Biblical-CivicsThis sermon is called the "Morning Gun of the American Revolution"  it was published and had a huge impact for 26 years up to 1776.  The pastor, Jonathan Mayhew was 29 years old when he preached it.

  • 1750-01-30 - Concerning Unlimited Submission and Non Resistance to the Higher Powers - Jonathan Mayhew - Romans 13

Sermons from 1775 - A Year Before the Declaration of Independence

  • 1775-05-31 – A Government Corrupted by Vice - A Call to Repentance - Rev. Samuel Langdon - Proverbs 28.15
  • 1775-07-07 - The Duty of Standing Fast in Our Spiritual and Civil Liberties - Rev. Jacob Duche - Galatians 5.1
  • 1775-07-20 - The American Vine - A Call to Repentance and Plea for Providential Care - Continental Congress - Jacob Duche - Psalm 80

Sermons from 1776 - The Year of the Declaration

  • 1776-04-19 - Jonas Clark - Fate of Blood-thirsty Oppressors and Gods Tender Care of His Distressed People - 1 Yr. Anv of Lexington - Joel 3.19-21
  • 1776-05-17 - John Witherspoon- The Dominion of Providence Over the Passions of Men - Psalms 76.10


L5.The Declaration


07-Declaration-of-Independence-Christian-Civics-Training-Biblical-CivicsThe Declaration of Independence is unique in all of the world.   No other country has a document quiet like it.   It is the culmination of almost two centuries of biblical thought applied to the nature of man, God ordained rights, and the purpose of government.

Citizens of the United States today have an emotional feeling toward the Declaration but few have read and studied it. In fact it is safe to say that over 90% of the American public have little understanding of the main principles within it.

As you will learn in this series, the Declaration of Independence serves the role as our national charter, outlining the God ordained liberties that are granted by God to every human being and stating that the purpose of government is to secure and protect these rights.

Additionally, you will find that the Declaration and Constitution are designed to work together. They are not isolated and separate.     The Declaration articulates our national philosophy and purpose and the Constitution serves the Declaration by putting in place a structure that serves the principles of the Declaration.

You will quickly see that the secularists statement that “the Constitution does not reference God and therefore the United States is a secular nation” is a “red herring” argument out of either ignorance or malice..   The fact is that the Declaration of Independence mentions God four times and since the Constitution and Declaration can only be properly understood when viewed together  the lack of God’s name in the Constitution is irrelevant.

Finally, a more detailed study will in fact lead to the discovery that the Declaration of Independence actually makes 25 declarations about personal, civic, and political life.

When the phrase, “American Exceptionalism” is spoken about, this is a key aspect of what that phrase means.   That is, the Declaration of Independence is the “exception”. No other country has a document like this one.

This series will be life changing as you gain a true appreciation for this amazing document.

  • Understanding How the Declaration of Independence and Constitution Work Together – 5m
  • Understanding the Declaration of Independence – 9 Key Concepts -9m
  • Declaration of Independence – The Bedrock of Liberty – The Apple of Gold-13m
  • Declaration of Independence – Linking Principles and Structure-5m
  • Declaration of Independence – 25 Questions on the Philosophy of Government-4m
  • Declaration of Independence – 25 Questions with Answers Included-4m
  • Declaration of Independence – 25 Questions with Alternative Answers-4m
  • Declaration of Independence – 25 Declarations it Makes-5m
  • Declaration of Independence – An Anchor for Liberty-2m
  • Declaration of Independence – Tyranny when the Anchor is Removed-2m


25 Abraham Lincoln - Christian Civics Training - Biblical CivicsAbraham Lincoln said:

“I have never had a feeling politically that did not spring from the sentiments embodied in the Declaration of Independence”.

“We hold these truths to be self‑evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

As Lincoln reflected on the relationship of the Declaration of Independence to the Constitution, he was drawn to a scripture passage in the Old Testament.

“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver” ~ Proverbs 25:11,

As he meditated on this passage, he saw how this clearly expressed the connection between the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Here is the rest of the story.

  • Abraham Lincoln 01 – Declaration and Constitution – His Connection to the Founders – 6m
  • Abraham Lincoln 02 – The Declaration – For all People, at All Times, Everywhere – 7m
  • Abraham Lincoln 03 – The Declaration and Constitution – The Apple of Gold & Frame of Silver – 5m
  • Abraham Lincoln 04 – Declaration and Constitution – Linking Principles and Structure – 4m


  • The Declaration of Independence -1776-07-04
  • Handout - The Declaration of Independence - 9 Key Concepts Everyone Should Know


L6.God’s Providences


10-Gods-Providences-Sermons-Christian-Civics-Training-Biblical-CivicsWhat is Divine Providence?   The founders believed that it was God’s involvement in the direction and affairs of a nation. Another way they defined it was, “The means which His Government oversees all earthly governments

The very first thing that George Washington did after he took the oath of office in his Inaugural Address was to acknowledge Divine Providence.

“No People can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand, which conducts the Affairs of men more than the People of the United States. Every step, by which they have advanced to the character of an independent nation, seems to have been distinguished by some token of providential agency.” ~ George Washington, April 30, 1789

Pastor Bishop James Madison, cousin of future president James Madison said this.

“There does not appear in history a nation whose people had more cause to be grateful to God.

Those that despise God are the ones that refuse to open their eyes to the great visible proofs of God’s providential aid with which he has guided America. Let the righteous with Eagle eyes look upon the great things He has done. The history of America is a manifold display of Divine Providence

These Providences seem too amazing to be true. Any reasoning individual cannot sit down and not see them for what they are – God’s Actions. This creates a great desire to thank and pay homage to the Lord God from whom these blessings come.” Bishop James Madison, February 19, 1795

And Rev. John Witherspoon, signer of both the Declaration and Constitution observed

"Divine Providence appears as beneficial to servants of God, and as judgmental and corrective to those warring against God."

These webinars on this page deal with both – the providential blessing and guidance of God when our nation and leaders were appealing to Him and the judgment and corrective action of God when our nation turns its back on him.   Corrective providences / judgments may be a new area of consideration for you, but it is worth contemplating, because it is actually the loving action of God attempting to call a people back to himself.

[Note – a few of these are full length presentations. May take 30 seconds to load and stream]

[*] - Special Note: These are selected videos out of a longer series, therefore there are gaps in numbering sequence


  • Gods Providences 01 - An Introduction and Their Importance in US History – 6m
  • Gods Providences 02 - Blessings and Corrections – 3m


  • Gods Providences 03 - 200 Years of American History – A Fast Paced Look -7m
  • Gods Providences 04 - The Pilgrim Story – Extended Version – 35m
  • Gods Providences 05 - The American Revolution – Extended Version – 35m
  • God's Providences 06 - The Burning of DC & Divine Providence - 5m
  • Gods Providences 08 - The Death of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams – part 1 – 5m
  • Gods Providences 09 - The Death of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams – part 2 – 7m

George Washington's Reflections on God's Providences

  • Constitution Commencement Day p05-Washington’s Inaugural Address-10m

Downloads - Sermons

  • 1775-07-20 - The American Vine - A Call to Repentance and Plea for Providential Care - Continental Congress - Jacob Duche - Psalm 80
  • 1776-05-17 - John Witherspoon- The Dominion of Providence Over the Passions of Men - Psalms 76.10
  • George Washington Inaugural Address – 1789-04-30